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was shot pakistan last october. the taliban targeted her because of stopping young girls from getting education . we wish her all of the best. and there is a movement brewing in texas to get the state to secede from the u.s.. there is it a petition on the white house website that received 124,000 signatures since president obama's reelection. has the fiscal cliff helped thrertheir cause. joining us is it the texas national move the group pushing for secession. tell us why it is it time for texas to secede from the union? >> well, uma, there is it a lot of reasons that we believe that texas should leave the union. but basically it boils down to political freedom that we have loss. cultural freedom and certainly the economy that you have been talking about on your show for the last 45 minutes. there is it 16 trillion rein it is right there and with the negotiations that went on last weekend, we add 4. something trilion. we have 20 trillion reasons to try to protect the economy and people of texas from what we believe is it a certain coming disaster. >> and you folks are leading a seriou
a suspectedu drone strike in pakistan's tribal areas. the target, three taliban compounds. it is believed two major commanders are among the dead, in the unsupervised bomb squads. that's the third u.s. drone strike in five days itch there was a sharp divide in congress between those who voted for the fiscal cliff bill and those who did not -- taxes versus spending. but will those differences come up again in the debt ceiling debate? we have jeff duncan, a republican from south carolina, and representative elliot engle, a democrat from new york. gentlemen, thank you for joining us. representative duncan, you voted against the fiscal cliff deal. tell us why? >> absolutely. we are not in this situation in america with our economy and our government because we have under-taxed americans. we are here because we spend too much money. this plan had over $40 of tax revenue increases for every dollar that was cult. it should be $44 for cuts fur every dollar increased. >> you voted for the deal, wiam sure, reservations, as many have excess expressed? >> you either accept the deal or go over the fiscal
countries, in pakistan, for example, still revered as a holy man. >> rick: in that movie, the youtube voideo you mentioned the united states denounced that, that's not anything, but in this case the cia did cooperate with the film makers. you could make the argue thats this-- is this a government sponsored movie? the other thing, a youtube video that only took a few minutes to watch, that was sort of silly and grainy, looked like a home movie. that's a whole lot different than a big screen, hollywood blockbuster that's going to be shown all over the world. >> rick: here is the bigger question when it comes to the senator who want more information from the cia. the senate conducted its own investigation which found that enhanced interrogation techniques, water boarding and the like did not lead to the critical information that led us to bin laden and the acting director of the cia, reacts to remarks of the cia recently said in fact that we did get some information from enhanced interrogation, it was a part of the information and we got other information in other ways, but that that did play a
is i think ensureing that afghanistan will become destable and affect pakistan. the worst signal to send to the iranians and it is heart breaking. >> shannon: the president will say as commander in chief it is his decision. >> it is. >> shannon: he s making this decision on his best advice. >> he is a good politician and a lousy general. >> shannon: he campaigned on telling the american people that we were going to leave and now he is sticking to what he promised. >> in 2008 he campaigned this is the good war we must win and the place we have to get right. he campaigned there s no better supporter of the state of israel in 2012 than barack obama. now, here he is picking chuck hagel the most antagonistic senator during his time against the state of israel. he owns iraq and afghanistan. the bush term is finally over. this s his presidency. he left iraq without any troops, al-qaeda is coming back in large numbers and iraq is going to fall apart. and what you see here is the beginning of the reemergences of the taliban in the southern part of afghanistan. we will lose all of the gain
in pakistan after coordinated bomb attack that killed 96 people yesterday. religious leaders refusing to bury their dead until the government promises to protect them from further violence. >> jamie: there is a new push to hold syrian leaders responsible for the violence in the country's civil war going on there. 50 countries backing a proposal to the united nations to clear the way for referring members of the assad regime to the war crimes tribunal in the hague. >> gregg: a new concern as the flu outbreak spreads all over the country. there are reports of a shortage of the medication tamiflu. we'll have more on this in just a moment. >> jamie: also this is an interesting story. it's billed as a future of commercial air travel. federal regulators have already raised pretty serious concerns about boeing's 787 dreamliner. she's sweet burks there is problems. they're calling for a comprehensive review of the design, the manufacturing and the assembly process of the plane after a string of frightening incidents. dominic with the latest from our los angeles bureau. tell us what is the latest? >>
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5